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As a UTMB Health manager, one of the most important responsibilities you have is to staff your department with the most qualified individuals. Consequently, you play a critical role in conducting an effective and successful selection process. UTMB Health strives to hire the most qualified candidates and fill positions in a timely manner.

While you are meeting the staffing challenge, it is critical to remember that you are hiring to fulfill an institutional need, not simply an open position within your department. You must be aware of the relationship your position has to others outside of your department as well as within, and seize this opportunity to hire individuals who bring a diversification of skills, traits, talents and abilities to those affected departments.

If you have questions or concerns during any phase of the hire process, please feel free to contact your Recruiter.


1. Submit an EAF for your position

2. Complete/Submit draft job opening

3. Your recruiter will post the job

3. Interview Applicants
a. Follow the Interview Process and maintain consistency through all interviews
with all candidates
b. Refer to the Interview Guidelines and Interview Dos and Don'ts for guidance

4. Evaluate Candidates
a. Complete the Evaluation Form at the completion of the interview,
while your thoughts are fresh

5. Make a Selection
a. Discuss the salary requirements with your recruiter
b. Complete and submit Selection Packet to your Recruiter
c. Obtain an offer letter from your recruiter

6. Departmental Orientation
a. Send a departmental Welcome Letter
b. Announce new employee to current staff
c. Select and train an Orientation "Buddy"
d. Complete a departmental orientation

Faculty Recruitment:
Email: Provost.Recruitment@utmb.edu or contact Verlinda Collins at (409) 266-9732
or Toya Stewart at (409) 266-9733

Correctional Managed Care:
Email: kelmarti@utmb.edu or contact Kevin Martin at (409) 747-2694

International Affairs:
Email: visas.legal@utmb.edu or call (409) 747-8731

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