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Fitness Consultations

UTMB Human Resources : Employee Health Promotions

Fitness Evaluation is one-on-one evaluation with a qualified health specialist allows individuals to establish realistic health & fitness goals, develop a personalized fitness plan, and obtain baseline data on body composition and circumference measurements (if desired).

Waste hip ratio measurements are important measures to assess mid section girth. When someone carries their weight in the mid section they increase diabetes and cardiovascular health risks. Health concerns such as orthopedic issues, high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, and nutritional counseling may also be addressed during the consultation.   Follow-up sessions are conducted approximately every 6 weeks to assess progress and adjust goals as necessary.  To schedule a fitness evaluation, contact Julie Dial (jbdial@utmb.edu) or Gerald Cleveland (gtclevel@utmb.edu).

Lifestyle Evaluation is available to all UTMB students, alumni, retirees, employees & their families include the following:

  • Body Fat Analysis - Lange calipers are used to determine body fat percentage by measuring the subcutaneous fat.
  • Circumference Measurements (if desired)- baseline measurements are taken in inches and reassessed at later dates.
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) FOR UTMB EMPLOYEES ONLY - the HRA identifies health risks associated with unhealthy lifestyle choices (questionnaire). The health risk appraisal allows people to identify, assess, and determine what health habits they want to change for improving their current health status.